An inspiring Lookbook

An inspiring Lookbook

Each year we present our new collection in a creative visual Lookbook, where each page is an illustration of a brand-new design universe. This year our new collection pays tribute to our Scandinavian design heritage, and strips everything back to where it all began; Scandinavia and the wilderness found in the changing seasons of the Nordic breathtaking landscape. The entire Lookbook is a piece of art mastered by Danish fashion photographer, Henrik Bülow, and styled by renowned stylist, Christine Rudolph. The pages are all made from sustainable, FSC-certified paper from Nordic forestry, and all 240+ pages serve as a tribute to the creative minds behind every design; our beautiful design collective, that, without them, there would be no new collection.

The creative Danish agency, Uncle Grey, led by creative explorer, Lars Dyhr, has together with Henrik Bülow and Christine Rudolph created a new universe that unfolds on each page that defines our stores as well as online presence. The Lookbook is the creative culmination and a manifestation of our DNA. We’re grateful to once again present to you an inspiring universe that will take creativity and Scandinavian design to new never seen heights where everything begins with creativity and sustainability.


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