Casual styling

Casual styling

Sometimes extravagance is the best choice. Other times unstated and subtle can work better. A table set for a casual style is ideal for unpretentious evenings where great food and company take the leading roles. Find our best tips here for creating a casual atmosphere and mood that start with how your table is laid.


The tableware and dinner service frame the table and form the foundation for creating the overall expression of a table setting. Choose the Bordo series, which adds an organic, ceramic and understated look and features a distinctive profile that is consistent across the whole series. Play around with formats and serve the starter in a bowl as a creative experiment or use a tray as a placemat. It creates a more informal and rustic setting for the table's appearance and general atmosphere.

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    • A tone-on-tone-look

      Tone-on-tone colour compositions create both coherence and visual tranquility. The muted colour palette creates a stylish and coordinated effect, not overpowered by impressions, but instead seduced by an elegant unified effect. Therefore, try using the same colour scale for your dinner service and place the cutlery directly on your plate – it reinforces the effortless and casual vibe of your table setting. Finish off with cotton napkins that add a soft, organic edge to the table.

    Be inspired by the changing seasons, the tranquil motifs and the muted colours you find in wild nature. And as a finishing detail, you can sprinkle dried flowers in a matching colour over your table setting, enhancing and reinforcing the effortless and casual atmosphere you've created.



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