Dinners in infinitely beautiful and good company

Dinners in infinitely beautiful and good company

Hours that disappear in a fleeting moment, and memories that last forever. Good food and great company are a matter of course, and with the right table setting and decoration, you can create an embracing, inviting backdrop that makes your guests want to stay. Get inspiration to create just the right atmosphere and table setting here. Among other things, with the Japanese-inspired tableware series, Forma.


    • The Forma series

      Forma is a beautifully made tableware series with a characteristic appearance that radiates high quality. Each item combines a square base with a rounded top, giving the series a harmonious yet playful expression. Inspired by minimalist Japanese design language and rich traditions, Forma is handmade in durable stoneware, giving the series a timeless quality that will transcend current trends and tendencies.

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