Inspirational table setting: delicious dinners

Inspirational table setting: delicious dinners

A sumptuous lunch setting with fresh ingredients and delicious refreshments, bound together by a love of natural, calm and expressive elements. Told in culinary skills and reinforced in the table setting. Our love for Scandinavia doesn't just include nature and its alluring landscape, but also the beautiful raw materials and design language. You can find inspiration here to create a delicious lunch and table setting. Like we've done with the Arcs tableware series.

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    • The Arcs Series

      This beautiful and timeless tableware set is inspired by nature's organic forms and is playfully light. Each design is moulded and rotated by hand, making every single piece unique. The porcelain is of the finest quality to ensure durability, and the soft contours add an exclusive slant to the series' timeless and classic design.

    A quiet breathing space in a busy everyday life

    Dinners in infinitely beautiful and good company