La Cabra x Bolia

La Cabra x Bolia

When you visit our design universe, we want to create a unique experience that speaks to all your senses. That’s why we serve freshly brewed gourmet coffee in all our stores. We love working with other passionate souls, who care just as much about their craft as we do. For example La Cabra Coffee, a coffee brewery based in Aarhus. Read more about the collaboration, the coffee and our shared values below.


We believe that extraordinary things occur in the intersection of innovation and tradition. And this approach is echoed when, together with other creative minds, we create design collections and experiences. Experiences that aren't limited to design, but instead that include all the senses, and which are united by a shared passion. All to share our creativity, challenge our outlook on life and stay curious about the world around us. That's the idea behind our creative collaboration with La Cabra Coffee.

La Cabra is a modern coffee company based in Aarhus, with the mission of delivering a unique coffee experience – one cup at a time. Their honest, innovative and dedicated approach to making excellent specialty coffees has made La Cabra an internationally renowned and popular coffee roastery.

The collaboration has been brought to life by our shared focus on honest materials and respect for good craftsmanship. La Cabra is meticulous when they choose their raw materials and prioritise their honest and organic taste. And so are we. And this is precisely the foundation for the collaboration, which is based on our shared values of sustainability, honesty, transparency and extraordinary craftsmanship. Whether it's traditional wood craftsmanship or delicious coffee brewing.


    • Taste it in the stores

      Drop by the store and enjoy an extraordinary coffee experience. See if you can recognise the rich taste and delicate aroma that command your sense of smell before you've even taken the first sip.

      We use freshly-distilled water with just the right mineral content, to present the coffee at its best. The coffee is visible to allow any faults in the raw material to be detected. This (very) special coffee is produced and served using professional equipment – and with lots of love.

    We're now also offering the chance to enjoy an extraordinary coffee experience in the comfort of your own home. You can buy the beans right here and treat your guests and taste buds to a delicious coffee. The bean we offer is changed on an ongoing basis, depending on the raw materials and seasons. You can always read about the bean and taste before you buy the coffee.

    Buy the coffee here


    Bolia Ghent