Orb – an exclusive series

Orb – an exclusive series

Did you know that our Orb pendant is part of a series and is also available as a wall lamp, floor lamp, pendant, solitaire and in different colours and finishes? The different variants help to shine the spotlight on your favourite corners, as well as create cohesion in your interior, room by room and lamp by lamp

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The Orb pendant is the first design in our series and one of our most popular lamps. The organic design language is beautifully complemented by the elegant glass balls that give Orb its distinctive and characteristic expression, and which are a recurring element in all the variants. In the pendant, the balls are neatly placed on either side of the bar, while the solitaire version features just one ball. Regardless of the variant, all the designs in the series are a fusion of luxurious elegance with an industrial slant.

All lamps are available in either brass colour or matte, black lacquered steel and the result is playfully light yet stringent. An eye-catching contrast that ensures every single design in the series is utterly unique.

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The many variants make it easy to create cohesion in your interior design by combining several lamps from the same series. For example, you can let the pendant hover over your dining table while the desk lamp makes a perfect office lamp, or you can hang combinations of the solitaire lamp at different lengths to create depth in a room. And the different models vary enough in their expression to ensure they don't dominate the interior, but instead create a fluid design experience across rooms, colours and forms.

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365° North is the Danish designer behind the Orb series, who created the family with a desire to combine materials, form and colour together in a design where everything makes sense and where nothing is left to coincidence. Orb's precise and pared-back expression achieves this goal, which is reinforced by the elegant choice of materials.

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