The flexible sofa

The flexible sofa

Did you know that all our sofas are handmade in Europe and tailor-made to your wishes and needs? And this also applies to our large selection of modular sofas, which are available in many different expressions, colours and designs.


    • The modular sofa for all your needs

      A modular sofa consists of several modules that can be combined in any way you like. This makes the modular sofa the most flexible kind of sofa, designed to follow you throughout the different stages and needs of your life. You can easily change the size and expression. Modular sofas are also characterised by their extra seating depth, which means modular sofas have plenty of room for the whole family and more besides.

    Noora Modular sofa

    Noora appears welcoming and meticulous at the same time. The seat depth is available in two different sizes; 64 and 84 cm, allowing you to customise your Noora perfectly to suit your home and your needs.

    Caisa Modular sofa

    Designed by the German design duo, BĂ–TTCHER & KAYSER, Caisa has an elegant design with back cushions in different heights that give the sofa a playful expression and superior comfort. Furthermore, the armrest cushions are removable, allowing you to adjust the comfort and giving you extra flexibility.

    Cosy Modular sofa

    Cosy is designed by Glismand & Rüdiger and fuses voluminous and simple elements with good quality. The solid wooden base is reinforced with a steel frame that makes Cosy both elegant and durable.

    Orlando is a modular sofa with plentiful details, especially evident in the meticulous joints, where the backrest and seat cushion meet. Orlando's modules feature fixed upholstery for extra comfort.

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    Jerome is designed by the Cologne-based design studio, kaschkasch. Jerome's interior is made of FSC-certified wood, while the elegant exterior can be covered with several sustainable upholstery options.

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    Cosima is also designed by kaschkasch and is a very special sofa. Filled with down for extra softness and comfort and engineered from FSC-certified wood, Cosima fulfils all of our high standards regarding quality, aesthetics and comfort. 

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    • Creative flexibility

      The numerous possibilities and the great flexibility that characterise a modular sofa are the main benefits of this type of sofa. The many combination possibilities form the foundation for individual freedom and creativity.

    • For all your needs

      In many ways, a modular sofa grows with you. Not only can you combine the flexible modules in different ways, but if you move to a larger space, you can easily and quickly add new modules to give you space for more family and friends.

    • Much more space

      The extra seat depth makes the modular sofa ideal for those of you who are dreaming of a sofa where you can totally relax and put your feet up.

    In Bolia, we don't have any dusty warehouses – all our sofas are 100% tailor-made for you – by you. Each sofa is available in a wealth of colours, upholsteries, fillings and combinations, enabling you to create a sofa that suits your needs and style. Without compromise. Meaning every single design is 100% unique – just like you.

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    We have loads of different sofas, upholsteries and colours, and if you're in doubt you can always drop by your nearest store and see all the colours in real life, feel the upholsteries and get expert advice from us. We're always ready to help and we offer creative inspiration, free fabric samples, organic coffee and much more. Make yourself at home – sit, lie, relax and experience your dream sofa for yourself.

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