The ultimate New Year’s cocktail

The ultimate New Year’s cocktail

If you ask us, the perfect New Year’s Eve cocktail is a blend of classic notes suitable for most, a light enjoyment that refreshes the palate, and last but not least – it should ooze glamour and elegance and be picture-worthy. That is why our suggestion for the ultimate cocktail for the New Year is an Espresso Martini – brewed on our very own coffee bean, curated by Aarhus-based coffee roasters, La Cabra Coffee. An Espresso Martini also offers an invigorating side effect making it the perfect cocktail for the early hours and well into the night.


La Cabra x Bolia coffee is a Honduran bean offering fruity notes, well-balanced by a caramelised sweetness. The result is a fresh, sweet and comforting taste working as the perfect ingredient in the cocktail for your New Year’s, if your goal is to impress your guests and their palate.

What you need:



  • 4 cl espresso brewed from the La Cabra x Bolia bean
  • 4 cl Kahlua
  • 4 cl vodka
  • Ice
  • 3 coffee beans for garnish


Start by cooling your cocktail glass. Pour the Kahlua, vodka and espresso in your shaker, fill it with ice, and shake the mixture for at least 10 seconds. Shake using hard, long movements to achieve the creamy top that characterises an Espresso Martini alongside the garnish.

When you are done shaking the ingredients, pour into the cooled cocktail glass and garnish with 3 coffee beans, or sprinkle some finely ground coffee on top.

Serve and repeat the process when needed or thirsty.


Pairing the drink with our Noblesse cocktail glasses and enjoying the drink with your best friends.

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