The Slow Collection

Breathe in, sit back and be inspired by a collection with curated designs that invite tranquillity, peace, well-being and relaxation. Wonderful fragrances, tactile surfaces and a sharp focus on soft, inviting designs and materials. A collection designed to create a reflective pause in your everyday life – if only for a fleeting moment. Find inspiration in The Slow Collection, where the mood is tranquil, the materials are natural, and the colours are muted.

Exclusively designed for Bolia, the coffee offers a rich, deep and sweet taste with fine notes of cocoa and fruit. The bean is called Ceiba and originates from the town of Marcala in the southwest of Honduras and is an organic, certified bean that creates a velvety and light impression on the tongue. It is made and perfected by the COMSA cooperative, a group of local farmers with deep roots in the organic movement, which always ensures the highest quality and traceability. A coffee to be experienced and enjoyed. Alone or in company.

Good coffee should be enjoyed

Impress your guests or treat your taste buds to a coffee with a delicious aroma and delicate notes that pauses thoughts, stress and haste, and instead focuses on the present moment of savoury right in front of you. We’re now offering your our very own coffee. A coffee developed by the roastery, La Cabra, where the love of craftsmanship, profession and coffee can be tasted and felt. Read more about the bean and buy it below.

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Sofa Sessions

Each year we invite talented DJ’s to host a musical treat, where our sofas serve as the aesthetic backdrop, carefully supported by a musical adventure with the DJ’s signature sound universe unfolding. You can enjoy our latest Sofa Sessions right here and get your own private DJ session right into your home.

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Bolia Mixtapes

We get inspired by music and our hearts beat to the rhythm. Especially the electronic kind. It is one of our favourite sources of inspiration. That’s why we team up with talented DJ´s, produce exclusive mixtapes, play them in our stores and share them with you on Soundcloud. You will find top notch mixes with Deep House, Hip Hop, RnB, Nu disco, Electronica and Indie house tracks.

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Our new Lookbook

This year’s look is inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature inviting you to slow down and experience beautiful designs - all crafted, tailored and perfected by hand. It’s captured by world renowned photographer, Henrik Bülow, and styled by one of Denmark's finest interior stylists Christine Rudolph, and the paper is, naturally, FSC-certified.

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