Imagine a breathing space in your everyday life. A sanctuary, and a place where you can enjoy relaxation and contemplation. All sofas and armchairs in our new collection are inspired by nature's calming shades and pure materials, and have been designed to create seamless, luxurious and beautiful spaces. Sit back, put your everyday life on hold and explore our new classics, which lead you to fresh options, versions and interpretations.

Clara's design was inspired by the penguin. The inspiration is particularly evident in the slim armrests, which resemble a penguin’s wings and have an embracing look. A graceful and interesting armchair with exceptional comfort, an effortless tilting function and a smart swivel function, which ensure the chair follows you in elegant style.



Fuuga is a series of sofas and armchairs designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli. The series also includes a version with higher back and noise reducing properties, called Nesting Armchair, which ensures peace of mind, immersion and few disturbances. All designs share the same rounded back, where the armrests meet at a slant, giving the design a distinctive and beautiful expression. Fuuga is made from FSC-certified wood, and the traditional wooden craftsmanship in the base is emphasised by hand-crafted details and authentic materials that complete the design experience.



How to choose the perfect sofa

We delve deeper into size, choice of materials, colours, fabrics, models and more, so that with just a little extra thought, you can choose and create the right sofa for you.

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