Zen is a beautiful series of rugs with a distinctive design language. Emily Broom, who is behind Zen, won Bolia Design Awards in 2020 with Zen rugs. Her inspiration for the design was everyday life and the need to make your home into a small sanctuary. The rugs are therefore inspired by the Japanese 'Zen' gardens, which, as the word indicates, invite you to immersion and relaxation and a unique feeling of well-being and 'zen'. And this is precisely what the intention is with the Zen rugs' simple shapes, sustainable materials and good quality – to bring a natural, down-to-earth foundation into your interior design. The rugs are also available in three different sizes and designs, all with a simple and calm aesthetic.



Braid Rug

Braid is a series of hand-woven rugs with a coarse yet elegant texture. The striking design resembles a braid, hence the name of the series. Each rug is made of wool and viscose and is available in several sizes and natural, warm colours. A classic rug with lots of character.



Alve is a hand-knotted high-quality rug with a soft, inviting and calm expression. Made of 100% uncoloured wool with a cotton warp thread, Alve has a natural quality. The series is also available in several sizes and colours, all of which contribute to creating a unique and inviting backdrop in any room. Alve's soft texture and feel reinforce the subtle reference to nature’s tranquility. Alve, like all our other rugs, features the Care & Fair label, which ensures good conditions for the weavers and their families.



Funo Rug

Funo rug has an appearance that is equal parts natural and rustic. The natural wool that the rug is made of emphasises both elements, and the thick yarns give Funo an exclusive natural and distinctive character. The series is available in several sizes and colours and of course features the Care & Fair label. Each rug inspires tranquility and helps create an instant calming and warm atmosphere.



Dalvik is made from 100% wool from New Zealand. The rug is hand-woven using a special technique that creates the small bubble-like texture in Dalvik. The colours are inspired by Nordic nature, with cool, muted tones that bring an exclusive yet natural edge into your home.



Brida Rug

Brida is an exclusive rug with a distinctive look. The rug is hand-woven using a very special weaving method, where the pile and loop are staggered, creating Brida’s elegant texture and look. Organic cotton is used for the warp thread, and the weft is made of uncoloured linen. Both materials emphasise the natural elegance that Brida radiates. The special weaving technique also gives Brida a unique reflective and lustrous effect, which is especially showcased when seen from different angles. Choose from a range of sizes to create a natural, calm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. And like all our rugs, Brida features the Care & Fair label, which ensures good conditions for the weavers and their families.



Create a calm, relaxing atmosphere in your home with a rug like Scandinavia. Each rug is hand-woven and made of 100% natural, high-quality wool. The design and expression are deliberately classic, allowing the Scandinavia rug to function as a stylish yet timeless element. 




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