Bolia Design Awards


Tell us which design you like best by voting for your favourite and help us find the winner of the  People's Choice Prize 2022. You can also read about the motivation behind each design and about the designers’ dreams, hopes and inspiration behind their ideas. You have until 30 May to vote for your favourite design. All three winners of this year’s Bolia Design Awards will be announced on Friday 17 June.



Domestic Totems Sculptural Tableware

Giulia Cosenza

Designed by Giulia Cosenza, The Netherlands

What if, when not in use, our tableware sets could become sculptural decorative elements for our home, instead of being hidden away in a cupboard? As separate pieces they can be used as a tableware set for daily use and when not in use, the pieces can be assembled as domestic totems, compositions retaining a sculptural presence, while hinting at a hidden functionality as a cup, jug, plate or vase for example. This collection wants to rediscover tableware as the center of our collective rituals and celebrate a newly found conviviality. Each piece is handmade by me at the pottery wheel after mixing different recycled clays - reclaimed leftovers from experiments and or failed prototypes - and blending them together into a marbled effect. A strong decorative feature, which makes material awareness and sustainable reuse a visible statement.



Rebrush Kitchen Cleaning Set

Jingbei Zheng

Designed by Jingbei Zheng, Sweden

Rebrush is a renewable kitchen cleaning set made of loofah and recycled brass, to offer an enjoyable cleaning experience without major environmental impact. The most common dish brushes are made of different types of plastic, which are difficult to recycle. Inspired by a natural and traditional use of material, Rebrush explores new possibilities in its modern utility. Because loofah is just a plant and natural material, it is 100% biodegradable. With the easily assembled loofah head, people can replace only this part to avoid complete product waste. With periodically change, it also stays hygienic. More than cleaning tools, they can also be a decoration in the kitchen with their aesthetic forms.



Ella Bookcase System

Chahrazade Cherkaoui

Designed by Chahrazade Cherkaoui, France

With Ella, I wanted to create a bookcase system that is responsibly designed from its conception to its end of life. Therefore, Ella is lightweight and built to avoid taking unnecessary space during transport to limit its carbon footprint – in other words, it is flat packed. It is also modular in size, thought to be made of FSC®-certified wood, linen and with elegant brass details that make it fit in our interiors effortlessly.



Attenzione Glass Series

Henrieke Neumeyer

Designed by Henrieke Neumeyer, Germany

Drinking glasses that dance around, turn on their own axis, and never stands straight on a smooth surface. They capture our attention and draw our focus to the refreshing drink inside. A glass that is too full risks overflowing, so symbolically, we learn to appreciate the easily lost content. This creates mindfulness in a playful way, while at the same time sustaining our full attention.



Meï 02 Stool

Agathe Lavaud

Designed by Agathe Lavaud, France

The Meï 02 stool is made of cork oak and cotton velvet. Its minimalist and ergonomic design highlights the chosen materiality. The cork work is made from offcuts of wine bottle corks, which is later compressed and tinted, based on colour charts developed by Agathe.



Paralel Bench

Lavinia Iancu

Designed by Lavinia Iancu, Spain

The Paralel bench is a minimalistic design with straight and clean geometric shapes, created to enrich homes in a simple way. Made from solid oak and thought to be manufactured in 3 different finishes -natural oak, dark oak and black oak.



Dune Chair

Sara Ullvetter Norman

Designed by Sara Ullvetter Norman, Sweden

This chair is inspired by the natural calmness and simplicity of Scandinavian heritage, stripped back to the bare essentials. It is a contemporary suggestion in solid oak and hemp. The oak wood is one of the most ecological materials with natural and non-toxic finishing. Hemp has many ecological qualities. It requires little water, has a positive impact on soils and is very adaptable to different climates. The simple straight lines in combination with the hemp's soft binding creates a timeless feel and quality to the design.



Stracciatella Tableware

Markus Kurkowski

Designed by Markus Kurkowski, Germany

What makes a design modern and sustainable? Simple yet appealing shapes with a touch of individuality with the intention to keep people attached and delighted for a long time. For this design the choice of materials is based on natural ceramics which have a long tradition and durability, revealing its pure natural character in a wide range of surfaces. The collection combines different surface qualities and opportunities of ceramics at once: open pore appearing surfaces for the conic sides and dyed structure lines on the vertical, slightly concave side surfaces. Each piece of the collection will be unique. The applied colour lines make the design dynamic, yet aesthetically pleasing and slightly resembling the look of ice cream.



    • About Bolia Design Awards

      Every year since 2007, we've paid tribute to the bright new talent in the industry. To give something back. To create the space and capacity for new talent, new ideas and new ways. To challenge ourselves and our world of design. We believe that something utterly unique is created in the intersection between tradition and innovation. And that fresh, new talent is the future. That's why we're so proud to receive hundreds of applications every year, and that several winners and participants have been invited into our design collections since the very beginning. Like the Bronco vase, the Latch coffee table, the Cocoon coat stand and the Zen rug.

    We love to explore creativity and challenge the world around us and the way we work, live and design. We believe that something very special is created when different personalities, industries and experiences meet. That’s why this year’s professional jury consists of a total of six exciting personalities, who come from very different industries and with different backgrounds, each contributing their own perspective on the design of the future. And together we share a passion for great visions, circular solutions and beautiful design. Below you can read more about the individual members of the jury and their professional background.

    • Emilie Helmstedt, Denmark

      The creator behind the internationally renowned fashion brand HELMSTEDT, born and raised in Copenhagen and educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. With her vibrant, colourful universe, Emilie has created her own innovative way of interpreting the Scandinavian design scene.

    • Marie Jaster, Germany

      Marie Jaster is a fashion journalist with several years of professional experience from online publications and runs the online magazine BEIGE. In addition to BEIGE, she also has a career as opinion leader on Instagram, as a business consultant, social media coach, model and as a freelance editor.

    • Koto Design, UK

      The design and branding couple Johnathon Little and Zoe Little are behind the Belfast-based architectural firm together with architect Theo Dales. Koto designs modular houses and sculptural buildings with one main purpose: to take us back to nature. They strive to create possibilities for escaping into nature and seek refuge in beautiful, sustainable houses.

    • Lars Dyhr, Denmark

      Lars Dyhr is creative, original and innovative to the core and has helped launch several Danish magazines, a creative design studio and a stock-photo agency in New York. He has broad and extensive industry experience, but is best known for his entrepreneurial, innovative and creative work, which has resulted in several exciting collaborations with Adidas, Pandora, Möet et Chandon, Ferrari and many others.

    Bolia was born with a passion for the Scandinavian approach to design. An approach that has gradually become a lifestyle. And an obligation. To create design that has something to say. Therefore we don't allow ourselves to be seduced by fleeting trends, but create designs with a clear, durable and timeless identity. Designs that can survive generations and trends. That's why sustainability and certified materials also play a key role in this year's Bolia Design Awards. And that's why we'll be prioritising a sustainable approach just as highly as design aesthetics, creativity and functionality.

    1. Jury Prize (€ 7000)

    2. People’s Choice Prize (€ 3500)

    The Customer Prize is chosen by our customers. The jury selects 8 finalists to be voted for on Our customers are subsequently allowed to decide which design appeals to them most. All finalists are selected on the basis of aesthetics, creativity, sustainability and functionality.

    3. Circularity Prize (€ 3500)

    The Circularity Prize is awarded to a design where circular design solutions are incorporated into every single detail and component. A design made from sustainably certified or recycled materials. A design that has the least possible impact on the environment throughout its lifetime and which in terms of identity, expression and design is timeless and creates relevance year after year.