Bolia x KOTO

Our UK-based friends at Koto Design are known for their bespoke eco-homes – a series of sculptural, minimalist architecture, designed with nature as the biggest source of inspiration. Echoing our proud Scandinavian design heritage, the Koto House interior beautifully represents our shared passion for nature, sustainability, and longevity.

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A dialogue with the landscape

With a focus on natural materials and texture, creating a connection between the house and the vivid nature outside, the collaboration is built upon the genuine interest in how design coexists in harmony with the natural elements inside and out.

Reconnecting with the natural rythms

The idea has been to embrace the scenery and moving seascape. Dramatic, large-frame windows allow for a continuous dialogue with the outdoors. Cosy nooks, creating small sanctuaries, shielded from the ever-shifting, wild weather. Reconnecting the inhabitants to the natural rhythms of nature and the passage of time in their daily lives.

The interior spaces of Koto Houses are made to suit the exterior form. Thought and design revolve around a deep interest in how the house will be used. Muted, earthy tones, natural pigments on the walls, timber floors and natural fabrics provide tactile textures.

In a modest and humble manor, an individually crafted home, made from natural materials, will welcome you inside your very own peaceful standstill.

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Architecture – Koto Design
Interiors – Koto Living
Photography – Olco Studios
Build – Unnos Systems


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