Bolia & Pioneer DJ

A new creative collaboration brings the vibrant club scene into the soothing ambience of home

We have joined forces with Pioneer DJ, the world’s leading brand for professional DJ equipment, to create an exclusive furniture collection that blurs the lines between the vibrant club scene and the soothing ambiance of home.

The result of our collaboration is the new exclusive Cord DJ series which is designed to perfectly fit and showcase the Pioneer DJ equipment in a sophisticated, natural, and elegant way in private homes and exclusive clubs.

Japanese aesthetics meet Scandinavian design

As Pioneer DJ has origin in Japan and Bolia is rooted in Denmark, it has been a natural choice to combine and express the distinct design elements these two cultures have in common: simplicity, crafted details, organic shapes, natural materials, tranquillity, and muted colours.

A beautiful example is the braided paper cord, which is handcrafted in Denmark with a clear reference to both Japanese and Danish design traditions.

The Cord DJ 1 unit

The Cord DJ 1 unit is designed for the new Pioneer DJ Opus Quad standalone system.

The Cord DJ 2 deck

The Cord DJ 2 deck is designed for 2 x Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 and one DJMA9, but also fits previous models.

The Cord DJ 4 deck

The Cord DJ 4 deck is designed for 4 x Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 and 1 DJM-A9, but also fits previous models.

All three Cord DJ models are available in a natural oiled oak edition with an organic and authentic expression, as well as a black stained version with a more sophisticated and vibrant look.


Also crafted for vinyl enthusiasts

The Cord DJ 2 deck is also designed to fit 2 x Pioneer PLX1000 turntables and 1 DJM-S7 mixer.

The shelves are perfectly fitted for the Pioneer DJ speakers and the paper cord front provides a natural cover. It creates an airy and organic expression that allows music to flow freely and flawlessly as it fills the space with beautiful sound. All Cord DJ models are designed to fit both the VM-50 and the VM-70 active studio monitors inside the cabinets.


Invisible cables inside out

All models in the Cord DJ series are designed as free-standing cabinets with a visually appealing back side that cleverly conceals all cables and presents the Pioneer DJ equipment in an exceptionally elegant manner, making the Cord DJ series an ideal choice for both private homes and exclusive clubs or boutique hotels.


Designed for music lovers and creators

The Cord DJ series is designed for music lovers and creators. An elegant design tailored to fit the Pioneer DJ equipment, clever cable management features and storage solutions for studio monitors and additional gear such as laptop, headphones, controller and more.

The Cord DJ series is designed by the Berlin-based design duo, Hertel & Klarhoefer and handmade by European craftsmen and -women. Every piece is crafted in natural and certified materials, such as FSC® certified solid oak and paper braid. It is delivered fully mounted, is TSCA compliant and comes with a 10-year warranty.



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