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A modern workspace is more and more about combining work and private life. About flexibility and freedom within a tolerant and open workspace. It’s about softening stationary structures, about creativity and about individuality. Inspired by its Nordic heritage, Bolia, together with Steelcase creates atmospheres built on warmth and bold, luxurious materials.

The global office furniture giant Steelcase offers an exclusive curated collection of Bolia designs, including sofas, armchairs and tables, to customers throughout Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. The Bolia collection complements Steelcase’s broad portfolio, offering exciting design options born out of the Scandinavian aesthetic heritage, distributed by the largest dealer network in the industry. Together, Steelcase and Bolia are on a journey to transform office landscapes around the globe into creative, inspiring places to work.

The Collection

Steelcase offers an exclusive curated collection of Bolia designs, including several sofas, armchairs, lamps and tables. The collection varies from market to market to fit special needs and demands, but the common denominator is always creative Scandinavian design.

Bolia’s collection is created with an uncompromising focus on durability, proud craftsmanship and sustainability through use of recyclable materials and longevity in each individual design. The Steelcase x Bolia collection offers a great range of designs crafted in, or with solid wood. Wood sourced from sustainable European forests, where focus is on recycling and durability. Even the wood that is used inside the Bolia sofas for frame construction is sustainable. Also all textiles are environmentally friendly and produced with minimal energy consumption and no chemicals.

”We are always working to increase the use of organic and recyclable materials in our product development, as well as lengthening the lifetime of each individual design. Basically, our aim is to create beautiful and clean designs that will last for many years. It is naturally in line with our Scandinavian design heritage that is built upon not just quality, but quality of life”, Lars Lyse Hansen, Bolia’s CEO, explains.

Tested and crafted to last

To ensure outstanding product quality and longevity, Bolia’s entire furniture production happens in Europe at some of the most skilled manufacturers. Also, all designs are carefully quality tested in collaboration with the world's leading quality and certification agency, the German Bureau Veritas. They subject every design to stringent strength and resilience testing, as well as testing for any harmful chemicals before any designs are launched in the collection.

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