Christmas at Bolia

The practical, the beautiful and everything in between

Are you looking for the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones? Or what about a cool mixtape that will work perfectly as the musical backdrop for your Christmas? We’ve gathered everything you need to make this Christmas something special, including an exclusive opportunity to have your wishes come true.

From us to you

We've designed our own to-and-from cards so they're beautiful enough to adorn the Christmas tree as an ornament or to pass on to your loved ones. We're giving away five to-and-from cards when you buy a Christmas gift from us in one of our stores, or one of our designs from our Express Collection. The card is only available in a limited number – from us to you.

Get your big or small wishes fulfilled when we give away 24 different gifts to 24 lucky winners from 1-24 December. Sign up for our newsletter, make your wish and enter the competition for the gift you'd like. The first winner will be announced on 1 December and then every day until 24 December.

The soundtrack for your Christmas

At Bolia we're inspired by music, and particularly the electronic kind. That's why we create our very own sound every year, and this year the soundtrack for your Christmas is mixed by our own CEO, Lars Lyse, in collaboration with renowned creative talents from the industry.

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