Create spaces for tranquility, for reflection, for thinking, for creativity and for personal stories.

American designer Adam Friedman is the creative brain behind the Friedman system. An intuitive storage solution that was created in a spontaneous moment, when the need shaped the aesthetics and function. This direct and immediate design approach to the prototype was therefore given room to develop into the Friedman system, which has been created with these thoughts, functions and needs in mind. The uncomplicated design language is led by function, creating a welcoming look and elegantly complementing a warm, modern home.



All the designs in the Cana series feature an airy wicker front, which helps to give the series an iconic, light and calm lift. The series consists of chests of drawers, highboards, bedside tables and sideboards and is designed by the Danish design duo Steffensen & Würtz. The designers have found inspiration in the Danish seaside hotels’ characteristic tranquil atmosphere, where peacefulness and authenticity create a very special atmosphere. The transparent and airy expression reinforces this source of inspiration and is a beautiful reminder to keep the room simple, clean and minimalistic in both its function and appearance.



Cana Media Furniture





A beautiful, light and floating design by Pavel Vetrov for storing your personal belongings and displaying your favourite things.



Cocoon Coat Stand

Cocoon is a multifunctional coat rack. The most beautiful place to hang your jacket with a stylish basket at the bottom, which both ensures the frame stays firmly on the floor and offers an extra compartment for gloves, umbrellas and other small objects. The basket is hand-woven and adds a natural, rustic look to your home. The design language and the basket's wicker are inspired by old, proud traditions, where the actual wickerwork craftsmanship goes back more than 500 years.



Story Bar

Story is an elegant series of handmade side, coffee and bar tables. Each design features the distinctively airy front formed by the elegant wooden columns. Transparent enough to show off your favourite items or just covered enough to conceal them behind the playful front. The designers behind it, Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler, wanted to create a long-lasting design that meets changing needs and wishes. Emphasised by quality craftsmanship and the natural oak that changes character over the years and makes each table unique with its own original and beautiful story. The tables are made of FSC-certified wood and each table is assembled with six bolts that are creatively hidden from the naked eye.

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