Storage Solutions

Our storage furniture embraces the ever-changing demands of the office landscape, allowing you to showcase your most important documents and products in an exciting and creative way. From beautiful shelves to functional bookcases and shelving units. Discover our storage solutions and get inspired on your own.


Cases series

Case is a new creative collection of storage units for everyone - from the picky cosmopolitan to the grounded conservative, its exquisite materials and compelling look makes it easy to love. Choose your favourite kind - or kinds - of wood and combine your Cases as you please. Then there's nothing left but to enjoy the simplicity, quality and functionality.



Cana series

With an almost airy front giving your bits and bobs a decorative rest, Cana is an enticing series of side boards, bookcases and shelves. An honest display and a light design. Designed by the Danish duo, Steffensen & W├╝rtz, and inspired by the calming atmosphere known from Danish beach hotels where serenity, calm and purity takes precedence. The transparency and airy feel to the design support this idea, while reminding one to keep the visuals clean and uncluttered. A design to cancel out noise and offer peace, quiet and ease in the eye of the beholder.