Our design philosophy

The rain falls softly. Slowly and quietly, leaving a sky with bright colours and a soothing fragrance – clean and refreshing. Dreamlike and peaceful. Creating the perfect setting for the sun to rise in the horizon. A new, beautiful day begins with new stories ready to unfold. 

In nature’s ever-changing landscape and in the flow of life, we move, change and grow. When we are surrounded by calmness and beauty, we find new inspiration, creativity and energy. We allow ourselves to be who we are, live the way we desire and love those we want to love.

Our collection is inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian nature that surrounds us with changing seasons, soothing earthy tones, refined details and natural materials. All designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.

We believe that good design is not only what you see, but just as important, the feelings it provokes in us. 

All our designs are made to last for generations and are handmade by some of Europe’s best manufacturers. They are crafted from the finest materials nature has to offer, with the beautiful changing seasons as stunning backdrops. It’s time to bring sustainability, natural materials, calmness and clarity into our homes, our workspaces and our lives. 

Our designers

Like the Scandinavian seasons, our collective of designers is not afraid of change. They are united by a shared passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and New Scandinavian Design.

The seasons, the colours, the raw materials and the tactility. All tailor-made and perfected by hand, and transformed into beautiful timeless designs that appeal to all your senses and invite you to touch, feel and fall in love.

Sustainability is the starting point for the development of every new design. Right from the first sketches to the final design, we make innovative choices. And together we focus on creativity when writing the next chapter on new Scandinavian design.

Meet our designers

In a hectic working day, we seek balance and peaceful sanctuaries. We create beautiful breathing spaces where we can recharge, feel at one with nature and allow ourselves to be who we are, live as we desire and love those we want to love.

    • When spring flourishes all around us, we seek the returning light. Fresh and powerful with an inspirational energy that paves the way for new possibilities. And a greener landscape appears – in colours that everyone has longed for, creating a calming and stimulating sensation. A fresh, minimalistic expression with green and beige colours. Linen, wind, sky and field of corn

    • In the dry heat of summer, we exhale and recharge, softly caressed by the warm breeze and the buzzing of life around us. Our moods are affected by the bright light – and by the soft rain that slowly washes the brightest colours to subtle pastels. A light and luxurious expression supporting a slow and soothing feeling. Beach, sand and sun with subtle rose notes.

    • When autumn shows up with its dazzling burnt colour palette, we move closer together in calm spaces. We appreciate the misty air and fading sunlight – when the hazy days take centre stage. A calming colour scale with warmer, coordinated colours and crafted details. Wood, wind, clay, dark green and burnt brown notes.

    • In winter, delicate ice flowers appear – elegant and sparkling, while nature holds its breath and rests. Silver flakes fall softly as they fade into the starlight. An elegant expression in grey and ice-blue tones with references to snow, cosiness, coffee, bonfire and warmth.

    Honesty, quality and durability are topics that form the core of our decisions when we shop everything from fresh food to customised sofas. This is great news – because it means we are all becoming more aware of our consumption, making healthier decisions and buying fewer but better products.

    Natural materials, sustainable development and a long lifetime are the starting point for every Bolia design. From the first sketches to the final product, we are making increasingly more sustainable decisions, creating beautiful designs that are built to last for many years to come.

    Our furniture designs are custom-made by hand, which is a luxury that expresses a more conscious choice. Tailor-made designs provide a handmade quality and the opportunity to express your own personality, as well as sending a discreet signal against mass production and raw material waste. 

    Even our product warranty is changing for the better, as we now offer a 10-year warranty on all designs in our collection.

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    All designs in our collection are made to last and are handmade by some of Europe’s most skilled cabinetmakers in nature’s finest materials, with the changing Scandinavian seasons as captivating backdrops.

    Luscious solid oak, walnut and ash – natural, oiled or stained. Everything is FSC® certified, which ensures sustainable forestry and good working conditions from the raw wood to the final design.

    There is nothing more soothing than tactile upholstery fabrics such as linen, bouclé, wool, velour or chunky woven fabrics. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that every single piece of fabric is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and produced without any harmful chemicals. All the furniture leather we use isn't only the finest quality in the world, but also certified and traceable, ensuring transparency and animal welfare.

    We love using brass and untreated, stainless steel or lacquered steel to create beautiful contrasts to natural stone, such as Italian marble and travertine or polished concrete. And all our natural rugs are handmade and Care & Fair certified, ensuring decent working and living conditions for workers and their families.

    We love using natural materials such as hemp, cork or the fine paper braid for many of our designs as a clear reference to our Scandinavian heritage and craftsmanship.

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    The world is full of possibilities and choices, and to find the right ones, we seek out specialists who can help us select and share what they love most. On the other hand, we also want to explore and express our own personality and identity through the choices we make, the way we live and what we buy.

    That’s why handmade designs uniquely tailored to your requirements are a luxury that represent a more sustainable choice, and a deliberate step away from mass production and raw material waste.

    You can create every design exactly to your liking by choosing your favourite model in the perfect size. Covered with your favourite furniture fabric, with the most beautiful structure and the most fabulous colour. Tailor-made by some of the best craftsmen in Europe.

    Our goal is to help you create your own refuge, creative space and beautiful surroundings. All by sharing our knowledge of interior decor, our passion for New Scandinavian Design and our love for sustainable choices.

    To help you along the way, we've created eight inspiring design universes based on the materials, colours, designs and natural expressions we love the most.

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    The Professional Collection

    Designed to inspire, our professional collection is the ideal choice for professional workspaces, designer restaurants, luxury hotels, home offices and everywhere in between. The possibilities are endless.

    Our designs are tested according to the world’s highest quality standards, such as BIFMA and EN Standards, which are tested in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Bureau Veritas in Germany, the world’s leading quality certification agency. And we offer a 10-year warranty on every single design.

    Discover our professional collection, experience the quality and see all the inspiring possibilities.

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