Our design philosophy

We believe that good design is not only about what you see but also about how it is created and the emotions it stirs.  

Rooted in Scandinavian design traditions, a liberal view of human nature and respect for nature and people, we always stand by our core values – also in our designs. We love functional design, natural materials, beautiful rooms, craftsmanship, durability and substance. Design that is tailored specifically for you and made to last for years. 

Natural materials

This is why we only use natural and durable high-quality materials that come with beautiful, unique touches and exude peace, warmth and luxurious tactility. Inviting upholstery fabrics, traceable quality leather, FSC®-certified wood, veneer and paper weave, stainless steel, Italian marble and travertine, ceramics, glass and porcelain as well as natural materials such as hemp, lambskin and cork.   

Made to last

From the first sketches to the final product, every design in our collection is made to last. Our designs are handmade by some of Europe’s most skilled craftsmen and brought to life in the finest and most durable materials. And each one is made with nature, aesthetics and sustainability at its core. Designed and tailored for you – ready to be adapted, to inspire and to be enjoyed. Made to last for generations.

Our collection features beautiful reinterpretations of Scandinavian design. Created by designers from all over the world, who bring new perspectives, new life and new creativity into the proud Scandinavian design traditions we know and love. And every year at the Bolia Design Awards, we invite the industry’s budding talents to share their ideas with us and the rest of the world. As a tribute to the people who make us. Bold designers who have something to say.

Watch the video below to learn more about our design philosophy.