Bolia International A/S

Bolia International A/S
Vaerkmestergade 11,1
8000 Aarhus C
Telephone: +45 51 50 21 10
VAT Reg No: DK25451996

No two people are alike, and the same goes for our more than 30 international designers. A beautiful mix of upcoming designers and established names. This year, 14 new designers have been added to the team and are behind the new collection built on love, quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. No matter where in the world they come from, they have a passion for defining New Scandinavian Design.

We value design, quality and everything that comes in between. That means we pay close attention to how our designs comes to life. All the way from the source of our raw materials to the conditions for the skilled people on the factory floor. We ensure that our designs are created under environmentally and socially responsible conditions with a strong love for natural, authentic and sustainable materials. In fact, our new collection has been produced with a strong focus on natural, authentic and sustainable raw materials.