Our designers

We work closely with designers from all over the world – from emerging new talent to large, prestigious design studios. And just like the changing Scandinavian seasons, they are not afraid of change, but all share a common passion for natural materials, sustainable solutions and for new creative perspectives on Scandinavian design.

Nature, colours, raw materials and tactility are transformed into beautiful designs, all tailor-made and perfected by hand, designed to appeal to all your senses and invite you to touch, feel and fall in love.



The renowned design duo Glismand & Rüdiger come from Denmark – an origin that is clearly expressed in their design language. For them, Scandinavian design is not a label, but a commitment in their work and a concept they like to interpret in new and modern ways. Inspired by Scandinavian nature and traditional materials, they design furniture that is based on simplicity, excellent craftsmanship and honest materials. 

“We have a shared passion for Scandinavian design and natural materials. Sustainability is at the core of all our new designs. Right from the initial sketch to the final design, because the most important thing for us is to create beautiful designs that can survive different trends and generations.” 

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Studio Nooi was founded by Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita in Torino, Italy. Giulia and Ruggero built their approach to design while studying and working as designers in Italy and Denmark. 

The name Nooi stems from the Italian word “noi” meaning “us” - and the idea is that design is never an individual action, but rather a collaborative process involving designers, companies, users, craftsmen and technicians. Their design is therefore always born from a collaboration between people, where the designers are closely involved in all phases of the creative process. 

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Hans Thyge & Co consists of passionate designers with strong ideas and a love for beautiful design. Together we work with a combination of a strong tradition and a drive to explore the unknown and innovative parts of design.

The design studio specializes in designing furniture, objects and interiors. We juggle with everything from technical projects and lifestyle concepts to branding and communication and always with a strategic, sustainable and commercial approach in mind. We have a long history of know-how and experience working with a variety of materials and production methods for clients worldwide.

Working with many nationalities and different design approaches worldwide, demands an attitude of openness and collaborative skills. The mixture of different cultures and design-traditions is the hot-spot where great design comes to life.

We believe in combining brain and heart, function and aesthetics, and that every design should tell a story; a product is so much more than the product itself, it is about creativity, vision, culture, company values, the past, the present and the future.

Hans Thyge & Co



When Adam Friedman develops a piece of furniture or object, he asks himself: what is the conversation about? Does this design only talk or is it also able to listen? When you live with an object, it stirs emotions in you. It's either something obvious or something more subconscious – it's a daily interaction in your life, and an important one. 
"The importance and value of an object reveals itself over time and reflects the considerations and patience invested in the design process. It is in this process that I try to design objects that listen and effortlessly adapt to the changing needs of a home and the people living in it." 

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Arnau Reyna is based in Valencia, Spain. Ramón Arnau and Mariola Reyna are both architects and industrial designers and strive to design products that connect with the user and the space they inhabit – timeless pieces that are not influenced by passing trends. “We believe in design as a strategy, an intangible tool that is a fundamental pillar for companies as a driver of productivity and growth. Design is not just having a good idea, but a criterion with which to draw the business roadmap. We want to create future design icons.”

Arnau Reyna



Quaglio Simonelli is a design duo comprised of two creative individuals, both born in Italy and now based in Paris.

Thinking that diversification is a source of creative richness, we design technology products, furniture, lighting and decorative objects, conceive the visual identity and product design for beauty brands, alternating industrial logic with an artisanal approach. 

Our complementary sensibilities induce our designs with the creative gaze of two histories combined. Inspired by the world that surrounds us and by our own impacts and interpretations.

We create design that appears familiar at first glance, but at the same time it's adorned with unexpected, almost poetic elements. Our philosophy is 'never see things as they are'.

Quaglio Simonelli



As the world grows ever more complicated, we strive to create simple and meaningful getaways, retreats and pieces of design with a unique experience for the demanding customer.

The spaces that surround us have great impact on the quality of our lives. Hence, we dedicate our professional lives to contribute to the Scandinavian heritage of architectural design – the art of designing holistic and immersive experiences.

We really do believe that simple and attractive aesthetics can heighten the feeling of being alive and add a certain degree of mental health to our existence. Our wish is to design objects that hold the potential of achieving that goal.

We design objects when we are presented to a given possibility to contribute with something beautiful and meaningful. It is not a crusade but an invitation.

Spant Studio



Australian designer Emily Broom takes an interdisciplinary approach to design that combines an education in architecture together with interior design and visual communication. 

She is excited about the intersection between interiors, products, people and spaces and the enriching experience you get when these things fuse together. With an eye for beautiful geometry, she appreciates good craftsmanship and quality materials: 

"Tactility, shape and composition are key factors in the design process. I like getting my fingers dirty so I can better understand and experience the design as it evolves. I believe it helps my designs become more free, intuitive and hopefully richer." 

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Benditas is an innovation-driven design studio based in Barcelona working within the fields of product design, art direction and design strategy.

In Benditas our creative goal applies wide-ranging energy to find solutions for day-to-day problems with a transversal vision, interconnecting knowledge, specialties and sensitivities.

Our design is characterized by simple shape and form with detail that gives character to the object in question. Often these small details offer relevance when formalizing a use and purpose while personalizing aesthetics.

Exchanging knowledge with fellow artisans is a vital and continuous aspect in our creative process. Through this constant symbiosis we bring our products to life. Our creations are the result of an intimate and purposeful interaction encompassing traditional, modern and contemporary techniques.

Sustainability is essential in the creative process at Benditas. We work constantly to cause minimum impact on the planet.

Benditas Studio




We’re a design studio based in Berlin exploring all aspects of furniture, lighting and interior design. For us, design is an inseparable part of our lives, it’s an expression of our personality and a creative reflection of the society that surrounds us. We see opportunities in everything around us, and it’s the everyday experiences that inspires us the most.
Our goal is to create simple yet original designs that solve a complex problem in an innovative and functional way. It’s essential that techniques, materials and aesthetics come together, and we believe great design should challenge the conventional and mundane.



Berlin is often our inspiration. We like it as it is: metropolitan, creative and direct. But as well travelling around, in other countries, seeing things that strike your eyes is where creative ideas are being born… Sometimes the best ideas come in the most unexpected situations!

First of all we are inspired by the materiality of things. That’s why we work very early on materials and prototypes in scale 1:1.

At the beginning of a design project usually there is a conceptual idea that we are trying to realize as soon as possible in models and prototypes.

But sometimes some of our design projects have a strong conceptual character that allows them to appear in different ways depending from their materiality.

Hertel & Klarhoefer