Meeting room

A contemporary meeting room should create an inspirational and inviting atmosphere, whether it’s a formal setting or a creative space. Our designs are shaped to meet the needs of just that, while adding a hint of that special luxurious Scandinavian feeling. Explore the possibilities for different meeting settings here.


Graceful series

The designer Michael H. Nielsen designed Graceful based on the idea of ‘less is more’. And this can clearly be seen and felt. The level of detail is kept to a minimum to allow the table to speak its own distinct language. The worktop has an unbroken surface to emphasise the clean appearance, but a comprehensive technical knowledge is concealed beneath the surface, which is necessary when such a stringent dining table is to function successfully in practice. Graceful is made from solid, FSC-certified oak and produced in a green factory where everything is either recycled or reused.




Yacht series

When exceptional effort is put into wood crafting and combined with a Scandinavian sensibility the results are bound to be stunning. This understated dining table is the design worlds answer to the humble brag.




Rooted in the proud Scandinavian design traditions, all our dining furniture designs brings a natural and current expression to any restaurant where quality, identity and creative expression is a focus.